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So, I’m rewatching the episode … I pause here and … well … guys, Dean’s scaring me :S You can clearly see that something’s changed in him … Something is twisted and it’s there, in his eyes

This episode.. or really over the last few.. I keep noticing this emptiness in Dean. The void of emotion and substance. His eyes used to be full of light, or pain, or anger, or something.. But now, it’s just hollow. The Mark has taken so much from him and it’s changed him in this way that’s absolutely terrifying.

It’s the emptiness though, that’s what really concerns me.

It is concerning. It’s not right.

What is more terrifying is his behavior when he is not in a life or death, kill or be killed situation. He is cold and vacant. Calculated. He is so focused on an endgame that he cannot perceive anything else.

In the past, Dean would speak about things that hit close to home for him with the signs of physical and emotional pain written across his body. He couldn’t hear or tell a story without emotionally attaching to it because it is his story, too, and he is reminded of the choices he has made and the damage he has caused.

Now, Dean speaks from direct experience without a shred of emotional response. His face, speech, body language give nothing away. He has become detached not only from his emotions, but from his experiences, his reactions, the people he cares about, and the people he is supposed to save.

If Dean Winchester, at this point in time, still has a soul - I will give every single one of you a dollar.

Speaking of dead eyes…



And what’s most striking to me looking at these two gifs, is how dark his eyes look in the bottom one. In the gif from Thinman, his eyes still appear the color they truly are, hazel green. In the gif from Alex Annie, the lighting they used for that scene made his eyes look dark brown, almost black in some spots…

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